Day 1  Arrival in one of the area's airports: Podgorica, Montenegro; Tivat, Montenegro or Dubrovnik,Croatia and transfer to a hotel in Kotor (private transfer available upon request).


The Bay of Kotor together with Kotor’s Old town is famous Unesco World Heritage site. Old town is beautiful, has rich cultural and historical heritage and is managable on foot.



Day 2 Run around the bay!  or Bike around the bay!  or Run then Bike around the bay, all while taking in magnificent views.

Day 3 Hike through the national park Lovcen to one of its peaks, now home to the mausoleum that honors the most significant writer, scholar, religious and spiritual leader of Montenegro, Petar Petrovic Njegos.  Here, you will be treated to one of the most spectacular views in the country.

Day 4 Run or bike from the village of Ivanova Korita, in the heart of the national park, to the town of Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro,  and on to another national park, a beautiful Lake Skadar, best known for being a home to over 270 different species of birds.

Day 5 From the village of Rijeka Crnojevica to the village of Virpazar you may chose to run or bike as we continue to explore Lake Skadar national park

Day 6 Steep southern side of the lake will be on our agenda today as we run from the village of Virpazar to the village of Donji Murici, followed by a boat ride to explore two of 98 islands that add  to unique cultural and historic character to Skadar Lake.

Day 7 Hiking around Rumija mountian to the abandoned old town of Bar will occupy most of this day, but olive groves and views along the way are worth it.  Muslim religion found its roots here as well during the Ottoman Empire, so in addition to mosques you will notice difference in architectural style of the historical parts of this region.