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Just above the old town of Kotor lies one of the area’s most hidden adventure secrets - beautiful and wild Skurda canyon.



Canyoning (descent of canyon) is an outdoor adventure sport in which you follow a natural water course of rivers.  For descents we use a variety of techniques that may include activities such as walking, jumping, abseiling, caving, sliding down natural slopes, and swimming in water.  


For the amazing canyoning experience you can stay in Kotor’s fenomenal Skurda river canyon, or you can venture and explore further in Montenegro. 


For thrill seeking individual, at Kotor Bay Tours, we are blessed with expert climbers and qualified guides who can turn your search for adventure into reality.



1 hr - approach to the starting point of the canyon is one hour long.  Additional 30min short stop on the terrace with spectacular view and home-made pomegranate or wild orange juice tasting included.  


2-4 hrs - entrance to the remote part of canyon where real adventure starts.

Your guides are equipped with ropes and the appropriate gear, so that abseiling, swimming, jumping and experiencing of this unique environment can begin.  In the next few hours you will explore the way Skurda river was created over millions of years, take in breathtaking views, expose yourself to the rugged terrain, feel distant from civilization and yet you will exit the canyon almost directly in the old town of Kotor where your tour originated few hours ago.

Tour Info:


PRICE:  120 per person, minimum 2 people


+ additional €50 per group for a private walking tour of the old town of Kotor at the beginning or the end of your activity with a culture/history guide


INCLUDED in price: Guides:  English speaking, EFR - CPR/First Aid/Care for Children w/ AED certified, climbing equipment and light snack


PLEASE BRING:  comfortable sports shoes, sun protection, water bottle, bathing suit

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