Run, Bike and Tour Montenegro


Usual length of the daly stage is between 12 and 16 miles. Two stages are shorter but maybe even more demanding, since they are covering significant ascents on the beautiful mountains.  The groups are small and supported by one guide on the course and by another guide in the vehicle.



Arrival in one of the area's airports: Podgorica, Montenegro; Tivat, Montenegro or Dubrovnik,Croatia and transfer to a hotel in Kotor (private transfer available upon request).

The Bay of Kotor together with Kotor’s Old town is famous Unesco World Heritage site. Old town is beautiful, has rich cultural and historical heritage and is managable on foot. In the evening we will meet in the hotel lobby and get to know our guides and fellow travelers over a welcome drink. The guides will provide a brief orientation to discuss the upcoming itinerary. 


After yesterdays epic ascent, today is a day to relax. Course of the day is descending 90% of time and gives us time to recover muscles that have been working so hard the day before. We are following the road through the Lovcen national park, which is gently descending to historic capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, approximately 5miles. Cetinje has been the capital of proudly independent Montenegro for centuries. Smallest and rainiest capital in Europe, which ironically had problem with water supplying its citizens throughout the history, Cetinje was the place where rulers were deciding the nation's destiny.

After short stop and walk through town we make a very short, only ascent of the day to enter a closed valley, which is taking us all the way to the Rjeka Crnojevica, where we'll finish todays course.

Remote road we are following is descending down in gentle curves and we will only make a stop in  the authentic gift shop half way to the end.

For the free afternoon we recommend relaxing on the shore of the beautiful river or renting a kayak or small boat and exploring the river.

Total length of the daly course is 16 miles, road, descending 90% of time.


  • running all course, high difficulty

  • running 5 miles to Cetinje and biking 11 miles, moderate difficulty

  • biking all course, low difficulty, just pure fun


Run around the Bay!  Following breakdfast, we will run along the scenic road that is following sea line all the way to beautiful town of Perast. On the way we are passing mussel farms and Ljuta, according to some sources the shortest river in the world.

This part of the tour is aprox. 8 miles long.

In Perast we are taking a boat which takes us to the village Stoliv on the other side of the bay. During boat ride we will stop on the magnificent Our Lady on the Rock island and do a short visit of the fascinating church.

On Verige point on the other side of the Bay we turn back to the Kotor’s Old town. Journey back is relaxing bike ride through historic small towns and before you know we find ourselves back at the Kotors Old Town. This part of the tour is aprox. 7 miles long. 

Total length of the daly course is 16 mils, flat, road.


  • Run entire course, high difficulty

  • Run 8 mils, bike 7 miles, moderate difficulty

  • Bike 16 miles, easy

Free afternoon to explore the town, relax on the beach or hike the town walls.


After breakfast we are hitting the twisty road that follows river ... to the south shores of the Lake Skadar. Road is going up and down all the time and gives us fantastic views on slow running river below us. Soon we hit the south shore of the biggest lake of the Balcan peninsula. South shore of Skadar lake with its many islands will give us fantastic views in next days. After following main road for 5 miles we will descent down to the lake shore and visit historic village Poseljani. In this little village, centuries ago use to stand 14 milles that were working day and night to provide enough brasna for entire area. In those days village was very vibrant and full of bars. Today those days are almost forgotten and only one family still permanently lives there, but village kept its natural charm, with its many waterfalls and bridges. In this place we will make short stop and have a optional snack. From here we have 9 miles to the city of Virpazar. Roads is twisty, and the views on the Lake Skadar, many islands and high mountains on the horizon are spectacular. After finishing our tour we'll be settling in a interesting hotel, which hasn't changed for last 30 years, since the times of socialism. This will be very authentic experience and kt is not to be missed. We are having lunch in restaurants close to hotel, lake fish are speciality here. In afternoon you can relax in town or join us on boat trip of of Lake skadar. We'll discover hidden places and natural venders from the lake perspective. Included, breakfast, optional snack and lunch (dinner?)Total length of the daly course is 14 miles, very scenic road going up and down.


  • - running all course, high difficulty

  • - running 5 miles to Poseljani and biking 9 miles, moderate difficulty

  • - biking all course, moderate difficulty


This is very physically demanding day, true mountain hiking/running experience, full of stunning views.  At the half of the course we will live the Bay of Kotor behind us and enter the Lovcen National park where we’ll spend the next night.

We start at the old town of Kotor and climb up the ledder of Cattaro. Ladder of Cattaro is historic path that zigzags directly from the old town up the mountains, towords the Krstac pass. The path carries enormous historical importance since it was for centuries the only connection from inland Montenegro state to the rest of the world.

We will do a short stop in the almost completely abbandoned village Spliari. There we will try homemade products by the Peric family. Peric family is the only family still living  in this historic village. On their small mountain farm they produce pomegranet juice, goat and cow cheese, rakija (plum brandy) and more. The family is also the guardian of the mountain, taking care of the historic paths, which are there only connection to the rest of the world. We will continue on to Krstac pass, which is also an entrance to the Mt.Lovcen national park. We will fallow the well marked path all the way to the top of Mt. Lovcen. On the top of the mountain stands mousuleum of Peter Petrovic Njegos 2, most important historical figure of the Montenegro. Nations biggest poet, philosopher, religious and spiritual leader. We will enjoy the views from the top, make a short visit to the mausoleum and continue walking down to the mountain village Ivanova Korita where we will stay over night.

Breakfast, snack on the way and late lounch/dinner included.   


  • Hike - Run entire course (extreme difficulty)

  • Hike up the Krstac pass to Lovcen, and bike from Mt.Lovcen to Ivanova Korita, aprosimately 5 miles (difficult)

  • hike from Krstac to top of Mt Lovcen, and bike down (moderatly difficult)