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Kayaking Tour Kotor Bay


Take in the dramatic beauty of Kotor Bay mountains from a sea-level perspective. Paddle, swim and absorb the scenery around you as you actively explore and enjoy the bay, alone or with a group. 



The first pit stop in this excursion that originates at our location in Dobrota is a thrilling cliff jumping break at what is known as Galabova Stijena 

After the leaps, your group will be on its way to Bajova Kula beach. There, you will be able to relax and swim, get a drink or a bite to eat at one of two cafes, or kayak along with the local mussels farms (1hr).

Finally, you will paddle your way back to the original launching spot, our location in Dobrota, as you continue to take in the dramatic beauty of Kotor Bay mountains from the sea-level perspective.

***** This kayak tour can be longer and more demanding if Bajova Kula beach/restaurant is substituted with a longer paddle to Perast***** 



20min paddle to 'Galebova stijena' rock for swimming or cliff jumping experience (30min break)

35min paddle to Bajova Kula beach

1hr break for more swimming and/or snacks and drinks at the Bajova Kula cafe

45min-1hr paddle back to Dobrota


Tour Info:


PRICE:  €40 per person, minimum 4 people


INCLUDED in the price:  guide and kayak equipment



PLEASE BRING: a bottle of drinking water, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. We also recommend beach shoes, towels, a camera, and additional money for snacks.

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