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Meet Our Team


Powered locally by Kotor natives and their American friends, we are a small, close-knit company committed to high quality service.  The combination of our energy, enthusiasm and years of experience is our driving force.  Our customer comes first, all our employees are like family and share in the success of Kotor Bay Tours.


KBT owner/co-founder

Goga is a Kotor Bay native, with long-standing roots in Montenegro. She and her husband David met on a Yugoslavian freighter (it’s a long story), married in the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks and have been coming back to the Bay ever since.

Goga's enthusiasm for sharing best of Montenegro with visiting friends and family from all over the world was the foundation of KotorBayTours.   


KBT co-founder

David's lifelong love for boats, sailing and adventure has influenced his interest in being a backbone of KotorBayTours.

David and Goga live in Baltimore, Md most of the year but continue to spend as much time as possible each summer in the beautiful bay of Kotor. 


Office manager and tour guide

Anita is a super addition to our team as of 2016.  Anita is a certified guide, born and raised in Kotor and has great interest in travel and geography (she is a geography teacher extraordinaire as well).  She is Goga's right hand and makes sure all goes smooth in KBT, most of all that all of our guests and guides are happy. 


Kotor and Perast tour guide

Zana's excellent knowledge of Montenegro's history and culture is paralleled with her phenomenal english speaking skills and understanding of american culture.  Former New Yorker, and originally from Belgrade, Zana is a full time Kotor resident now and owner of a cool gift shop in town.


Canyoning guide

Native to northern Montenegro, Janko has the most intimate knowledge of the country's mountains, rivers and canyons, along with extensive guiding experience in both coastal and northern regions of Montenegro. 


Bike and Hike guide

Long time member of a local mountaineering club, we are lucky to have Kocka on our team.  Born and raised in Kotor, he must have hiked on every marked trail and unmarked path in the hills and mountains surrounding us.   Everyone on this page is super nice, but Kocka must be the the nicest of all.  

Nikola R

Kayak boy


Born and raised in Kotor, Nikola studied english at school and improves it chatting with Goga and Dave's kids every summer :)  He loves to ride his moped and since last summer Nikola has become a fun and endearing addition to Kotor Bay Tours team!

Nikola P

Kayak boy

We have two of the nicest Nikolas in town working on kayaks this summer.... so exciting!! Nikola Peras also likes to play soccer in his free time, loves movies and just like everybody on this page he loves to tune in to good music.


All About Mussels chef


Bike boss

Milos, our younger Sting look alike, grew up on a seaside property, just across the street from the mussels farm where he will be your host for our All About Mussels tour.  While his english is limitted, his knolwedge of mussels, fish and all things sea related, especially his cooking skills, is exceptional.

On a quiet side but with wicked sense of humor Gojko makes sure that all bikes used for our bike tours are well maintained and delivered on time.  Thank you Gojko!




Anita's younger brother is likely to be the one to greet you on our boat and make sure you get to the mussels farm or our kayak destination on time.  His unassuming sense of humor and ability to imitate rest of us on the team keeps us entertained at all times!


Activities guide

Ivana is our all around guide!  She may be the one taking you on our canyoning, kayaking, or a biking tour.  Ivana and her husband Milija are my definition of a healthy life style and parenting :)


Kayak guide


Banker by week, kayaker by weekend!  Sasa is great and  very enthusiastic addition to our team.   If he is your guide, you will definitely have pictures to share... he will make sure to snap away and make this a memorable experience for all.

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